Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Website terms and conditions may perform a number of different roles. They may be used to satisfy legal disclosure obligations, to grant users rights to use website materials, to impose acceptable use obligations, to limit (or attempt to limit) warranties and disclaim (or attempt to disclaim) liabilities, and more generally to structure the legal relationships between the website operator and users.

2. Terms List

  • License to use website
  • Limitations of liability
  • Breaches of these terms and conditions
  • Registrations and authorizations
  • These website terms and conditions

3. Reasonableness Details

This terms and conditions document covers some of the same ground as our website disclaimer and website copyright notice documents. It should be used in conjunction with a privacy policy document. The terms and conditions contain the following sections.

4. Credibility Conditions

The types of personal information collected, and the uses to which it is typically put, depend in part upon the type of website and business that is collecting the information. An ecommerce store, for example, will collect or generate customer name and address information, payment information and order information.

The classes of personal information will be put to different uses. For example, address information will be used for delivering products, and may also be used in marketing; whereas payment information will be used to collect payments and for accounting purposes. Some kinds of website – notably social networking websites and websites with social networking features – may collect and process huge amounts of personal information.

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